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Ph.D. Candidate, Earth Science, Rice University, 2011-present
Research interest: Biochar effects on soil hydrologic properties

M.S., Hydrogeology, Clemson University, 2010        
Thesis: The use of electrical measurement to investigate the multiphase flow in oil production

B.E., Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering, Jilin University, 2008    
Thesis: Ground water flow numerical modeling of groundwater reservoir in Kangping power plant water resource, China


I am currently working with Dr. Brandon Dugan and Dr. Carrie A. Masiello. My research interest is hydrologic properties (i.e. hydraulic conductivity and soil water potential) of biochar-amended soil and how these properties affect crops growth, biochar mobility, infiltration and groundwater quality. Currently, I am measuring hydraulic conductivity and soil water potential of sand with varying biochar amendment rates and particle sizes in the lab. Further research will focus on interaction between plants and biochar amended soil’s hydrologic properties by field application: a). If the change of hydrologic properties by biochar could improve plant growth; b). If plants can change soil hydrologic properties by interacting with biochar. I am also interested in characterizing biochar structure (pore size, shape and connectivity) and how biochar structure and chemical property (i.e. hydrophobicity) change hydrologic properties.